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Getting your site ranked on the first page of Google results is the key to success on the web. It can take a lot of work, but we've been doing it since 1999 and are well versed in producing top results so take a load off, kick back and we'll take care of everything!

Professional SEO Services

I’ll fully admit that there is a lot of chaff out there when it comes to finding professional SEO services. Well, the good news is you’ve finally found them for your SEO campaign.


Does the search engine optimization industry have an image problem? Absolutely! The problem arises from the simply pact that most SEO services simply are not very professional. More often than not, it seems they spend most of their time promoting themselves instead of your sites.  I find it amazing when a client says they used someone that you see all over the web for their optimization efforts. Really? Did it ever occur to anyone that these people are all over the web BECAUSE they spend all their time promoting themselves instead of your site? Apparently not, but I digress.

There are a number of areas where SEO services fall down when it comes to professionalism. Let’s look at each and my pledge to you why you won’t have these problems with Gravitas SEO.


"Why won’t my SEO company return my call/why does it take
them three days to call me back?”

Ah, if I a dollar for every time I’ve heard either of these complaints, I would be a wealthy man indeed. The customer service provided by most SEO companies is, frankly, horrific. Again, most of the companies you see advertising or offering up a “guru”  are more interested in snagging you as a client than in getting you rankings.  Once you are in the fold and paying, their interest level drops off dramatically and they just churn clients as fast as they can.

Then there is the offshore SEO service. Let’s say you hire a service in India. Well, how are you going to communicate with them? The time difference makes it pretty difficult. I am not even going to get into how you hold someone in India accountable for poor work, but suffice to say offshore SEO services tend to offer even worse customer support than those onshore.

 Gravitas Pledge

Gravitas SEO hereby pledges to call back every client within 2 hours during business hours. We also pledge to respond to email communications within the same time period during business hours. The only exception will be holidays such as Christmas. I refuse to work then!

Campaign Status

"What is going on with my SEO campaign?
Can I please get a single update!"

The second area of criticism for SEO firms comes in the area of status updates. It seems clients never receive them. Most clients understand that SEO requires patience, but even the most patient need to know how things are moving along from time-to-time. When this doesn’t happen, frustration builds and the relationship can suffer if not fall apart completely.

Gravitas Pledge

Here is our pledge to you. With our professional SEO services, we will provide you with a written update each and every month. The report will detail the work done during the month, the current rankings, any unique items that need to be discussed and the plan for the next month in question.  If you have any questions or comments, you can then pick up the phone or drop us an email to discuss them. With this approach, you stay informed on both the progress of the campaign and our thinking in relation to the strategies implemented.

Finding professional SEO services you can count on can be tough. With these pledges, we hope you will feel comfortable moving forward with us. Please contact us today at (619) 377-0887 or by email on the contact page to get an initial free consultation.

Rick Warder

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